The Team

Kellyana Quattrini

Dr. Kellyana Quattrini is a Dentist in Saskatoon and practices at Canada Building Dental Group. She was born and raised in Colombia and immigrated to Canada in 2004 with her family. Kellyana has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Health Science degree from Brock University in Ontario and a Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from The University of Saskatchewan, College of Dentistry. She is now proud to call Saskatoon her home. In her personal time, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her husband, parents, brother and sister in law. Kellyana loves shoes and is excited to bring her personal taste and style to The Shoe Boutique!

Emmanuel Pineda

Emmanuel Pineda was born and raised in Saskatoon. He had a love for shoes from an early age and enjoys handling the bulk of the buying for the store, importing exclusive shoes from a number of international markets. Emmanuel enjoys playing soccer and spending time with his family. Having always called Saskatoon his home, choosing Broadway Avenue as the location of The Shoe Boutique was an easy decision. He's passionate about bringing products to our city usually only available in major urban markets, offering top tier products while keeping business local. The Shoe Boutique in Saskatoon will always be a favorite project of Emmanuel's as it's his first major business venture!

Ben Quattrini

Ben Quattrini was born and raised in St. Catharines, ON and now calls Saskatoon his home along with his wife Kellyana. Ben is a Project Manager with experience in a variety of industries including automotive, gaming, dental and retail. He also manages Kellyana's dental practice, Canada Building Dental Group. The Shoe Boutique is more than a business to Ben and he hopes that passion will be reflected in the quality of products and services offered. Ben's goal for the store is to offer customers big corporate conveniences with a small business feel!

Welcome to The Shoe Boutique

The Shoe Boutique - 725 Broadway Avenue

The Shoe Boutique - Kellyana Quattrini

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The Shoe Boutique - Emmanuel Pineda

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The Shoe Boutique - Ben Quattrini

Ben talks about the foundation on which The Shoe Boutique is built - customer service and exclusive products!